Stepping into the Fog

Writing is an exploration. Even if we know what we want to write about, we still have to determine the who, what, when, where, why and how from many angles and choose from the plethora of results which one or ones best serve the story.

This takes work. And, courage. Work because a story is not something created outside of us that requires a few adjustments here and there, although the inspiration for a story might be from something we had observed or experienced. Courage because when we have an idea, a word, an image that compels us to write, we enter within ourselves to pull that story forward to its near completion.

Near completion because a story doesn’t end even when we say it does. There is the line we wished we hadn’t used or the character that needs more development. Then there are the readers who create the story, too, as they place their world within yours.

Is there any other way for writers but to brave the fog and find their way to the stories they want to tell?